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Our team of Investment Counsellors and Analysts at Qube Invest are committed to providing you with a holistic, diversified and personalized investment experience. Our goal is to make it matter because your investments mean more than just a rate of return. Your goals, whether they are focused on ensuring a comfortable retirement, growing a business, taking care of later generations or something more intangible, must shape what we do. Our goal to make it matter requires more than a few signed forms and a transfer of money. It requires us to understand you, and that’s why we strive for regular communication. We pride ourselves on being one of Alberta’s only independent portfolio managers. We commit to remaining independent and free from corporate influence or bottom-line objectives. It is your needs that will always drive our decisions and practices.

QubED is another way we want to Make It Matter. By taking a moment to invest in yourself to learn about topics you are curious about. Let's break the barrier surrounding the costs of learning. We focus on providing quality education at a reasonable price. We want you to use QubED as a way to learn and understand how we can support you in meeting your financial goals.

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